Arulmigu Vedhagiriswarar Temple - Thirukazhukundram

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Arulmigu ThiripuraSundari Amman With Arulmigu Vedhagiriswarar Temple -Thirukazhukundram

Vendum Varam Tharum Arulmigu Vedhagiriswarar

     The Hills covers an area of about 264 Acres, and the distance covered b the pathway encirculing the hill - the pradakshina Battai as it is called is two miles.pilgrims go round the hill both at sunrise and sunset.      It is upon the height hill of the range that a massive temple has been consecrated to Vedhagiriwara. Situated in North portion of it which is known as the Atharvana Peak, Abounds in various powerfull medicinal herbs. The gentle wind that blows softly across the green -clad sides of the hill carries with it the aroma of these medicinal herbs and many a despairing pilgrim feels his strenth revive and health return. It is no wonder that, at tha Sanjivi Ghat, the circumambulating pilgrims stop to drink in the pure air with joyous countenance, nor is it a matter for astonishment that they stay with delight for more than the prescribed period of a MANDALAM in sacred village.

      The temple of VEDHAGIRISWARA, on the summit of the hill stands, as been already stated, on the Atarvana peak. It faces the east and contains one PRAKARAM. the Sanctum of this temple is Constructed from three huge blocks of stone, on which are carved,on the inside of several Devas. The Principal figure in the temple is a Svayambhu Lingam in the form of a cone or plantain flower, and this is shaethed by a stone cut cover. it is traditionally belived that once in twele years ther occurs a lightning stroke within or about the precincts of the Sanctum, which is interpreted to mean a visit of Indra to the Shrine. The Instances of such strokes have been recorded. One of these happened in the year 1889, and the other,twele years afterwards, in 1901. No damage was caused to any portion of the temple on their of these occasions. The lightning is said to hsave circuted thrice round the Lingam and then Disappeared in to ground! A hole at the spot where the lightning strokes occurred is pointed out to pilgrims.

Annai ThiripuraSundari Amman

      In this Thirukalukundram Temple Thirupurasundari Amman and Lord Vedhagiriswarar is the Swayambu.Thiripura Sundari Amman wear srī cakkarappatakkam .Thiripura sundari Amman is Ashta gantha were made of eight kinds of perfume.Only during the three days of year in AadiPuram,Panguni Uthiram, Navami in Navrathri, The whole anointed, On the other day’s, poojai is taking place only at the Amman’s feet, Thiruvizha is celebrated 10 days in Tirupurandhari Amman during Aadi Month.

Worshiped By Bramha

     BRAHMA, who once treated Saraswathi, displeased the later, who, knowing that her husband had forgotton the laws relating to the should forget the Vedas also.The wish took effect, and BRAHMA found that, with his forgetfullness of the Vedas, his powers of enbdurance persistance and resistance also declined. Two Rakshasas, madhu and Kaitabha, then began to torment him.BRAHMA sought the aid of VISHNU who advised him to worship SIVA at Rudgrakoti. BRAHMA did so,and regaining his powers, freed himself from the cruelties of the Rakshasas, and treated Savithri ans Saraswathi alike

Worshiped By Indhiran

     Indhra, pitying a maiden who was crying for her golden ball which had rolled down,went in search of it and met, at the place where the ball had disappered, a young man. Indhra suspected him of having taken the ball not knowing that siva himself had assumed hat form.Fortunatly Narada and Brihaspati, who were passing that way, and who knew the truth, advised him to go to Rudhrakoti and there worship Siva in order to expiate the sin of having thoughtill of him.Indra did as he was told and gained the grace of siva. Since then, he has continued to do obeisance at Vedhagiri once in every twele years in the form of a thunderbolt,Besides Indra, the king of devas, Brahma the Creator,Subramanya, the generalissimo of the celestial forces, the twele Adityas and Chandra,have come and the surrounding ASRAMAS in order to gain their respective ISHTAKAMAYAS (heart's desires).

Important Of The Place

     The Natural Beauty of the Village, The Atmosphere of Sanctity that pervades the whole place, the ever-recurring appearance of the sacred Eagleg, the bemanations fromk the medical herbs that grom luxuriantly on the hill sides, the numerous tanks with theirnrespective traditions, the abiding faith in the old legents called the PURANAS which declare that VISHNU, BRAHMA, INDHRA and other heavenly beings have come here for worship, the merciful dispensation of SIVA that He is to found at the summit of vedagiri, whether exoterically or esoterically understood, attract devoutn Hindus from all parts of India.Thousands of men's and women come here every year and return home steeped in godliness and spritual joy their heart's content.

அருள்மிகு வேதகிரீஸ்வரர்

அருள்மிகு திரிபுரசுந்தரி அம்மன்

அருள்மிகு பக்தவச்சலேஸ்வரர்

அருள்மிகு சொக்கநாயகி அம்மன்

அருள்மிகு தக்ஷிணாமூர்த்தி

அருள்மிகு வலம்புரி விநாயகர்

பக்தவச்சலேஸ்வரர் கோவில்

Daily Pooja Time

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