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Arulmigu ThiripuraSundari Amman With Arulmigu Vedhagiriswarar Temple -Thirukazhukundram

Sangu Theertha Kulam

     It id said that when Sage Markandeya Visited this place, he performed his puja on the banks of this tank.Finding no conch to perform the Abishekam, and having none with him, he created one by his Yogic power and took it form the waters of this tank. The place where he performed this SANGU PUJA is now marked by a shirne, the deity of which is known as Markandesvara or Tirtesvara. They say that Markandeya, when leaving this place, prayed that conch shells,similar to the one he had created, might be found in the tank so as to be usefull to other Worshippers. Conch shells are sometime seen Floating in the tank and are collected. The last two occasions on which they were gathered were Auguest 2011.

     It is belived that, once in twele years,there is a meeting of the Goddnesses of the chief rivers of India at this tank,and in conformity which this belief, a festival known as the SANGU THEERTHA PUSHKARAM is celebrated here.

The Ganga Rivers are the watershed in the sanctum sanctorum

      The cause of such a meeting is thus explained. Once when the Godesses of Ganga, Bhogavati, Yamuna, Godavari, Kaveri river , Kalindi river, Saraswathi river, Vaithali river, Gautam river, Kambai river, Pinagi river, Pampai river, Komukai river, Ponmudi river, southwest river, Devaki river, Singai river, Kandagai river, Vairavarathi River, Brahmi river, Pali River , River Nadi, Chola River, Indus River, Soma River, Ambai River, Indrapuri River, Kaveri River, Urada River, Sarayu River, Vaigai River, Manimutta River met the quetion was raised which amongst them superior and should be honoured most by the king ot the Ocean (Samuthira Raja) their husband. bHe could not answer them, and so he appealed to shiva. Shiva addressed the assembled Goddesses at Koilingeswra (Godavari) and graciously informed them that oif all the SANGU THEERTHA, and that if they all bathed in this pond at the moment of the passing of BRIHASPATI (Jupiter) from Simaha Rasi (LEO) to Kanya Raasi(VIRGO) once in every Twele Years, they would be equally esteemed by the Samuthira Raja. In Pursuance of this advice, these river Godesses meet there at the time of tha SANGUTHEERTHA PUSHKARAM and bless those belivers who partake in the bath.

      The tank which excels all these in sanctity is sakgu theertham which lies at end of the road starting from the eastern entrancs of the bakthavatchala temple.It measures 560 feet by 760 feet.facing this tank is a Vinayaka Shirne and in the center of the tank is a beautiful mandapam.The tank gets its supply of water mastly from the streams that flow down from the hil, and itnis said that the water possesses curative powers. From this tank conches are occasionally taken and used as vessels for abishekam every year on the last Monday of the month of Karthigai.



Sangutheertham tank conches are occasionally taken and used as vessels for abishekam every year on the last Monday of the month of Karthigai.Anointing will be done to the Lord with the holy water brought from the Sanga-theertham.


     The Starting point for the PRADAKSHINAM round the hill is at the southernmost point of the hill, where is to be seen the entrance to the flight of steps leading to the temple on hill. This entrance is marked by two shrines one of which is dedicated to Chinthathri Vinayagar. After an ascent of about 200 steps from this entrance we meet with two flights of steps,both of which lead to the temple on the hill,one by the right and the other by the left side.

     Sage Visvamithra is lso said to have lived here for some times,near a tank which still bears the name of Visvamithra Thirtham. This also called Andarajan Kulam.many other Thirtham exist an Thirukalukundram on the western side of the PRADAKSHINA PETTAI is varuna Theertham, other wise known as koti Vinayaga Theertham. To the south of the temple at the foot of the hill is the Meignana Theertham. Close by is the Agasthya Thirtham or the Ponnita Naathar Kulam on account of the incident concering saint Sundra referred ao already. To the north of the temple of the Goddess lies Markandeya Thirtham. In later days this tank was renovated by a Chera King,anf came to be called after him Cheraman Kulam.

Sangu born in Markandeya Period

Sangu born in 1939

Sangu born in 1952

Sangu born in 1976

Sangu born in 1988

Sangu born in 1999

Sangu born in 2011

14 thirthas around the thirumalai hill


Sangu Born in 2011 Video

Daily Pooja Time

  • 08.00 AM       Kaala Shanthi Poojai
  • 11.00 AM       Uchikaala Poojai
  • 05.30 PM       Sayaraatchai
  • 08.00 PM       Arthasaama Poojai

        Pooja Times Are Changes To Festival Time

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