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Arulmigu ThiripuraSundari Amman With Arulmigu Vedhagiriswarar Temple -Thirukazhukundram

Kazhuku-Munivargal - Pakshi Theertham

      The Spectable of two eagles arriving at the place at particular time, and taking cooked sacharine food and ghee from the hand of a pandaram is indeed wonderful ans inspiring.

     The two birds look singularly youthful and dignified. Their calmness and gentleness of movement Ensure for them an easy distinction from the rest of their kind. They are white in color with beaks tinged with a little yellow. The great sanctity attributed to them is due to the tradition that these eagles were once Rishis and that their metamorphosis was due to a divine judgement which will be presently explained. It is commenly belived from of old that they bathe in the Ganges, Worship at Rameswaram, take their food at THIRU-KALU-KUNDRAM, and rest during night at CHIDAMBARAM.

In this Connection, an incident reported about in almost all the news paper of madras may be mentioned. On June 17,1921 at about 9A.M,Two white eagles were observed at the Madura temple. They were immediatly photographed,and the photograph was sent to the trustee of the temple of THIRU-KALU-KUNDRAM, with the following letter from the Reciver of the Madura Temple. Two eagles came to Pottamarai tank within the Sri MEENAKSHI AMMAN TEMPLE at about 9.00A.M this day, bathed in the tank and rested on the steps. of the tank nearly two hours. A photo of them was taken at about 10.30 A.M.They flew round the Pottamarai Tank and rested at the MANDAPAM adjoining the tank and detained for a few minutes and then released. People here say that they are the identical eagkes that go daily to THIRUKALUKUNDRAM. I request that you will kindly let me know if the birds photographed are the same you see at your temple, and whether they have been seen there at the usual hour or at any time during the course of this day. The Truste of the THIRUKALUKUNDRAM Temple replied that he, as well as a number of other gentle man to whom he showed the photograph, could at once identify the birds in the photograph as being the sacred eagles of THIRUALUKUNDRAM.

     The puranas reiateb that Two Eagles have been Assiciates with Thiru-Kalu-Kundram in the Kritha, TRETHA, DVAPARA and Kali Yogas of the pesent MAHA Yuga.Like the days of the week and the months of the year, the Four Yugas recur periodically. The KALI YUGA was Ushered in 5023 Years ago, when certain Constellation were in conjection, and this aeon will last for 432,000 Years. before the KALI YUGA was the DVAPURA Yuga, which lasted for 864,000 Years.Before the DZAPARA YUGA was the TRETHA YUGA was the KRITHA YUGA which lasted for 1,728,000 Yers. During each of these four Immense cycles a pair of eagles have frequented this temple for worship and deliverance.

Chandan and Prachandan - The Eagles Of the First Yugas

     The Eagle ascribed to the KRITHA YUGA was named CHANDA and PRACHANDA. they were the creation of the most learned Brahman skilled in miraculous achievement who was called Vriththasravanas, who lived in the country of Salmali. He desired to secure for these birds the leadership of the bird kingdom, but they did not care for this honour. They preferred spiritual blessings. They came to Rudhrakoti, where they worshipped Siva. Siva being pleased with their devotion and penance, made them the leaders of his Personal attendants.

Sampathi- Jatayu

     During the next Yuga JATAYU and SAMPATHI the Eagles we hear of in the Ramayana - are said to have Worshipped here.They were cursed by the sage HAMSA who had seen them flying towards the sun,emulating each other in their flight. The sage apprehending evil to Surya Bahava, wished that Sampathi should have his wings burnt and fall on the Malaya Mountains,and that Jatayu should all on the Vindhya Moumtains. Seeking redemption from this curse, these birds came to Rudrakoti where, instructed by tha sage Markendeya they Worshiped Siva with steady devotion. Siva appeared before them and said that JATAYU would be rid of this curse at the time of his rendring help to RAMA in the DANDAKARANYA forest, and that SAMPATHI would be freed on his helping HANUMAN, the ally of Rama, in his search after Sita, the wife of Rama.

Sampuhugupta And matuthan

     During the Dvapara Yuga, two brothers, Sambhu Gupta and Maha Gupata by name, are said to have done penance at this place. One of them was an ardent devotee of Siva and the other of Sakthi, and they disputed with each other as to which of these deities were superior. they finally appealed to Siva Himself to settle this question. Siva told them that their quarrel was a foolish one, since he and His Sakthi were one and inseparable. But the devotees would not end their dispute even after this decision. So Siva gave them eagle bodies. They worshiped Him at TIRU KALU KUNDRAM for a long time and regained

Pusha And Virutha

     During the current KALI YUGA the daily visit of the two eagles at Thiru kalu Kundram brings home to us the tradition of our sages, how two brothers, PUSHA and VITHATHA, abandoning the entanglements of wordly life, betook themselves to the forest and earnestly strove for spiritual freedom; how in meditation they beheld Siva and besought Him to grant them this highest of Boons immediatly; how they were informed that, being yet unripe for such a state, they would have to wait for another embodiment ; and how they were immediatly transformed in to two eagles and made to take the circuit of different holy temples for many more centuries of the KALI YUGA until the day of liberation from their bird forms occurs.

The Eagle Taking Food

The Eagle Taking Food

The Eagle Taking Food

The Eagle Taking Food

கழுகுகள் அலகால் தேய்த அடையாளங்கள்

The Eagle Taking Food

Daily Pooja Time

  • 08.00 AM       Kaala Shanthi Poojai
  • 11.00 AM       Uchikaala Poojai
  • 05.30 PM       Sayaraatchai
  • 08.00 PM       Arthasaama Poojai

        Pooja Times Are Changes To Festival Time

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